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Online Privacy Tips for Webcam Models

Ensuring Your Privacy On Webcam

Online privacy for webcam models is extremely important in today’s world. You may have heard some stories of internet stalkers or thieves trying to steal internet models’ online content, even recording live stream shows without permission. Additionally, you might just want to keep your identity secret from people you already know, such as friends or family.

All are very alarming for anyone wanting to start webcam modeling. But don’t worry, there are tools that can help and steps that you can take to protect your privacy online. Especially from others and from people you know. Here’s our key tips for staying safe online while performing on webcam.

Don’t Use Your Real Name When Broadcasting

It is recommended for added privacy and protection when camming, to try and choose a username that is not identical or associated with your birth or government name. Think of a name that is fun and sexy, easy for you and your viewers to remember. It could be something that portrays your personality or represents the niche or style of show that you want to perform. The username you pick will be the one you use on cam and for any social media accounts or other networks, linked to your adult webcam modeling career.

Keep Your Personal Information Private

Be careful not to share any personal information that can reveal your identity. Sharing private personal information knowingly or unknowingly could lead to it being published somewhere on the internet. Typically with malicious intent! Also known as Doxing (or Doxxing). With this in mind, try not to show anything containing private personal information while you are camming. Labels on packages, utility bills, etc could help someone identify you if left in view of your webcam.

Never Give Out Your True Location

It is vital to never give out your location. Likewise, any information which could be used by someone to work out your location. Cam sites like Chaturbate have a Regional Blocking Feature, enabling you to block specific regions. Additionally, you are able to block whole countries and states. For example, if you live in the United States, you can block your home state to prevent friends, family, or nosey neighbors from viewing your webcam.

Take Care Setting Up Wishlists

Wishlists are great! With Chaturbate Amazon Wishlists, you can ask your fans to help purchase things you need when becoming a webcam model. However, they can also compromise your identity if not set up correctly. You could be displaying your full name and location to anyone that sees your list. Make sure you check your public Wishlist URL prior to displaying it on your page bio. If you are camming with a Studio, they might offer services where they receive the package at their address and then ship it on to you. Alternatively, you may want to think about getting a PO Box to use as your list mailing address.

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What Happens If Someone Records My Cam Show?

Unfortunately, it is possible for individuals to record your cam show. With the right software or just by using a mobile phone this can be done. But there are several ways to combat this and deter internet thieves from stealing or publishing your content elsewhere online.

Adding a Watermark or image (like a brand logo) to your video stream is a good way to prevent online thieves from recording your broadcast. This can be done by using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or any other cam separating applications that you prefer.

Furthermore, certain apps can be used to conceal your stream from Chaturbate users who have the Anonymous tag. They are users who have not signed up for an account and may only be there to record your shows.

How To Remove My Stolen Content From The Internet?

Finding your content on the internet in places where you’ve not uploaded or posted it yourself, can be an unpleasant experience. But don’t let that put you off wanting to earn money on webcam. There are steps that you can take, and organizations that will help take down any of your pirated content. Here’s some that you should consider.

Carry Out Searches

One of the best ways to find your stolen content is to carry out regular searches for it. A simple Google search for images or videos associated with your cam model username could help you discover websites or tube sites where your content has been illegally published by perpetrators.

Contact The Host

So, you have seen your photos or videos being used online without your permission. Often website owners using your images will be concerned about legal complaints. Many will take down reported content quickly. For that reason, you could contact the site owner first and ask them politely to remove your content from their site. Most websites have a contact page where you can obtain an email address or telephone number.

In case you do not get a response back from the site owner, try searching for and contacting the company hosting the site. They will have a procedure for removing content or the site altogether.

Frequently stolen content appears on social media, too. All of the main social media companies have a copyright infringement section. If you do see your photos and videos there, you can use it to ask for removal.

File A DMCA Takedown Notice

Failing a website owner responding to you and not removing your content, the last resort would be to take legal action. Filing a takedown notice with DMCA will certainly help to get your content removed. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and is a U.S. copyright law. This law aims to address the rights of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights have been infringed under U.S. copyright law. For more information about this, check out

Further Help With Takedown Notices & Content Protection

You can also take advantage of the free Chaturbate DMCA content takedown notice service. If you find your content anywhere on the internet, email with the direct links to where your content has been found. The support team is trained in online privacy for webcam models and will be happy to help you with sending takedown notices.

Additionally, several organizations offer Anti-Piracy Protection packages specifically for adult content creators. A popular company offering online privacy for webcam models is Cam Model Protection. Providing 24/7 monitoring of the internet for stolen content as well as, sending DMCA takedown notices to file-hosting sites, tube sites, search engines, and ISPs when illegal content is detected. Costs are associated with services like these. However, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your content is being protected.

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