The 5 Best Lovense Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Christmas

Lovense Sex Toys: The 5 Best Toys to Spice Up Your Christmas

Lovense sex toys can be just the thing to spice up your Christmas! If you and your partner are feeling the urge to get naughty, but are away from home during the busy holiday season, consider adding a Lovense sex toy to your relationship arsenal. These smart toys can connect with each other wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing one person to send pleasure sensations through the other person’s body using only their smartphone or computer.

Flexer – Dual Wearable Panty Vibrator

Flexer is the new sex toy from Lovense which provides super powerful vibes to give an unforgettable climax.

Meet Flexer – the new whisper-quiet app-controlled insertable vibrator for an amazing public play experience. No one will notice that it’s barely there, thanks to its small design. But rest assured knowing it has enough strength to provide you with the satisfaction and sense of relief from any self-pleasure moment or long-distance encounter.

So many choices are available just by using this device. Choose between powerful clitoral stimulators and G-Spot vibrators or come-hither movements. It’s hands-free and stays out of sight! The vibrations produced by this toy feel like someone is literally fingering every inch of your vaginal area until satisfaction finds itself at last.

The hottest new stocking filler for any woman this holiday season!

Exomoon – Lipstick Disguised Bluetooth Bullet

Exomoon is a mini lipstick vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels.

The Exomoon by Lovense is a discreet Bluetooth lipstick-shaped vibrator. It is small, inconspicuous, and extremely powerful. The ideal shape, weight, and size for a portable bullet vibrator. It seamlessly integrates into any handbag or purse.

This is a “lipstick” that will put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday Season. Even the most enthusiastic vibration seekers can be satisfied by its incredible power. Not only is it waterproof (great for hotel showers or hot tubs), it contains a secret magnetic charging connector.

Exomoon is a lipstick disguised Bluetooth bullet vibrator sex toy from Lovense

Once powered up, use your concealed vibrator in a variety of ways for up to three hours! For a relaxing solo session or to add another sensation during sex, stimulate nipples at the lowest vibration level. Try stimulating your partner’s inner thighs by sending pleasure waves throughout their body. Better still, have a powerful multi-orgasmic session instead, and let your clitoris feel the force of Exomoon.

The perfect Christmas gift for anyone and a must-have addition to any sex toy collection.

Calor – Remote Controlled Male Masturbator

Calor is a portable depth-controlled male masturbator from Lovense toys

Combining smooth and super-soft silicone on the inside with its compact shape, that works to intensify stimulation where it matters. This Bluetooth remote control pocket pussy is designed to make it easier than ever before, for men to experience pleasure in a range of ways.

The Calor has a squeezable grip that accommodates most sizes, helping you get the most out of your experience. Use its Depth Control feature to fine-tune the intensity of vibrations depending on how deep you’re going or how much pressure you want to apply. Save these power levels for the next time you use it and make sure your manhood is given exactly what it craves.

This high-tech male masturbator also has an optional heating system that provides a warm sensation for those cold winter nights alone! Additionally, sync it with other Lovense sex toys like Max 2 or Nora, so you and your partner can play together regardless of the distance between you.


Calor’s simplistic design means that it’s easy to clean after a hot session. It can be used for up to 2 hours straight, even in the bath or shower since it is 100% waterproof. Furthermore, being lightweight makes it easy to pack in your luggage. Great for those Christmas vacations!

Lush 3 – Most Powerful Interactive Vibrator

The Lovense Lush 3 is the most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrating egg sext toy!

The Lush 3 is the most advanced, power-packed remote control vibrator on the market today! With deep, rumbling G-spot vibrations that result in truly intense orgasms. Its strong and reliable Bluetooth antenna ensures a constant connection, perfect for camming or long-distance play. And with its fixed tail, it won’t slip out while you’re in motion, giving you uninterrupted access to all those intensely satisfying sensations without fail!

Explore an infinite number of unique vibration patterns using the Lovense Remote app, which can be controlled by your partner, or viewers during live webcam shows. This toy is fully waterproof and ultra-quiet for discreet usage. Making it one of the most popular Lovense sex toys on the market today.

Lush 3 key features that make it the best selling vibrating sex toy on the market today.

So if you’re looking for something powerful yet comfortable – whether you want to use it solo or share the fun with someone else this Christmas – then this one is just for you!

Lovense Sex Machine – Adjustable Automatic Thrusting

Lovense App-controlled, automatic, thrusting & adjustable Sex Machine

If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, the app-controlled, thrusting Lovense Sex Machine might be right up your alley. This toy can take care of all your needs, with its powerful motor that can do speeds up to 300 strokes per minute. Once it’s put together, it is solid and sturdy; unlike some sex machines made out of cheaper materials.

With a variety of ways to adjust it, like variable stroke length, angle, and height, this machine really has it all! Included are 2 high-quality silicone dildo attachments and 2 Vac’U Lock adapters that fit well into its discreet carrying case when traveling. So whether finding new spots or revisiting old ones – there’ll be no limits on where this toy can go!

It’s not only designed for solo play, but it’s also great for multiple users too. If you don’t mind adjusting its position from time to time. Great for close-range control or long distance with a partner.

Lovense Sex Machine specifications and what's included when you buy one.

More recently, the device has been gaining traction in the adult webcam industry. This toy comes with sound-activated technology that links cam site members’ tips to a webcam model’s speed settings. The more tips donated the faster the machine trusts.

Grab a Lovense Sex Machine while you can, as they will be flying off the shelves this festive period, with up to 50% off!

The Final Words

Whether you’re looking for your first Bluetooth pleasure product or need a few more to add to the collection. Lovense sex toys are sure to bring some extra holiday cheer into the bedroom. These toys range in power, design, and discreetness, so there is something for everyone. Regardless if you are in a long-distance relationship or simply want to get kinky on your own or with friends. Give your lover an experience they won’t forget or let yourself discover Lovense toys that will bring new pleasure this Christmas.

Go on, get them now while they are still at a discounted price!