Become a Male Cam Model

Become a Male Cam Model & Earn Money With Chaturbate

So, you are looking to become a male cam model. Awesome!

Performing on live cams is a great way to connect with a huge community of like-minded people, explore fantasies, have fun, and earn some cash while doing it. Easily supplement your monthly income or totally replace your full-time job!

Webcam modelling is the perfect career for any guy who wants to work from home online. Enjoy a more flexible lifestyle and even become your own boss.

Camming has fast become a multi-billion-dollar industry and continues to grow rapidly day by day. Undeniably, the live adult webcams market is dominated by female models serving mainly a straight male audience.

But with a diverse platform like Chaturbate, you will find thousands horny women as well as gay, bi and curious guys searching for male webcam models. So, you will never be without viewers and fans to support you through your journey.

Furthermore, it has the largest adult cam community in the world! With around 400 million visits to Chaturbate each month. Your earning potential as male cam model is endless!

How Much Can I Earn As A Male Chaturbate Model?

As a Chaturbate male broadcaster, you will earn money by receiving tokens from viewers who visit your webcam page. Viewers can send you tokens in the form of a tip. Models receive tips for a variety of different requests (both sexual and non-sexual). Additionally, for users sending private messages, joining private shows, or purchasing your photos and videos.

Each Chaturbate token converts to a cash value of $0.05. We’ve added the table below to show the token amount compared to the dollar amount.

Token AmountDollar Amount

So, you may have searched online for ‘How Much do Male Webcam Models Make’ and probably not found any reliable information. Many articles will tell you that male cam models struggle to make any money at all. Others will provide high unrealistic figures that you are ‘guaranteed’ to hit every month. In truth, your earning potential will depend on a variety of different factors.

For instance, the number of hours you are willing to spend performing on cam. Many top male webcam models on Chaturbate earn figures in the region of $10,000 plus per month. However, they put the hours in and work extremely hard to be successful. With the same mindset, there is no reason why you cannot achieve that, or more!

The table below shows the Average Weekly Webcam Model Earnings Based on Hours Worked.

Hours WorkedEarnings Per WeekEarnings Per MonthEarnings Per Year

What Type of Cam Shows Do Male Models Perform?

The types of shows male webcam models perform may vary based on your sexual preference. Whether you are a straight guy or a gay, bi, or curious male, you might not want to perform to all audiences. For example, if you are a heterosexual man being viewed and chatted up by homosexual men, that may not be your cup of tea (and vice versa).

Although this could subsequently limit your fanbase and earnings. Do not be put off by it! You can still be successful and most important, be happy doing what you feel comfortable with. Nevertheless, by comparison male Chaturbate models who cater for a wider audience typically earn more tokens.

There are several types of webcam shows that you can offer your viewers once you become a male cam model. All of which will help to increase your income. We have listed the main types of cam show below:

Become a Male Cam Model Earn Money in Public Cam Shows

Public Cam Shows

You’ll be visible to anyone who visits your webcam page, whether they have a Chaturbate account or not. It’s where you want to attract potential paying members to either send you tips, or take you private.

Become a Male Cam Model and Earn Money Private Cam Shows

Private Cam Shows

Private shows are just you and another Chaturbate user in a one-to-one setting. A great way to increase webcam tokens faster. You can set your own price per minute and the minimum length of the show.

Become Chaturbate Male Model and Earn Money from Hidden Cam Shows

Hidden Cam Shows

Many performers use Chaturbate apps to host hidden or ticket shows where only those that have purchased a ticket can view the live stream. Viewers can buy a ticket by tipping the required amount of tokens.

Become A Chaturbate Camboy and Earn Money With Password Cam Shows

Password Shows

Webcam shows accessed by password. Only viewers with the password will be able to enter and enjoy your show. Perfect for doing private group chats or shows without the pressure of a minimum time limit.

Chaturbate Fan clubs & Selling Videos or Photos

There are many other ways you can increase your income webcamming. For example, you can earn more Chaturbate tokens from viewers, by selling your photos and videos through your bio page. Likewise, Fanclubs are a great way to earn extra cash. For a monthly fee, your most valued members can subscribe to access your exclusive adult content.

What Will I Need To Start Camming?

Getting started on Chaturbate is very quick and easy! Firstly, you must be 18 years old or over and have valid form of government-issued identification (ID).

Secondly, visit the Broadcaster Signup Page to create your Chaturbate account. Here you can create your cam model username. It’s up to you what name you choose, but we recommend keeping it exciting, memorable and original.

Thirdly, you’ll need to read and agree to the Independent Broadcaster Agreement and submit your government-issued identification. Once your account has been age verified, you are ready to broadcast and start earning tokens!

Equipment & Systems

Most likely, you already have the technical equipment and systems available to you for starting a successful career to become a webcam model. If not, it is recommended to make sure you have the following:

Be a successful webcam model with the correct equipment |

A Comfortable Place To Perform

Regardless, how many hours a day you are looking to perform on Chaturbate webcams, you are going to need a safe and comfortable place to broadcast.

Lots of cam models like to do their live shows at home, either in a bedroom or another room dedicated for camming.

Alternatively, joining a studio can be great way to get started if you do not have the space or are unable to cam at home. However, you may not have as much freedom with hours a studio would also take a percentage of your earnings.

Not Sure If You’re Ready To Become a Chaturbate Male Cam Model?

Still not sure if becoming a male webcam model is right for you? Starting any new career can be a little scary but also equally exciting. With this in mind, listen to a male cam model tell you about how performing on Chaturbate has changed their life! In addition, check out our blog category Getting Started Webcam Modelling